The Faith & Business Leadership Summit

15 Christian Business Owners Share How They Successfully Run Their Business and Lean into Their Faith

Tuesday, May 24

12:00 PM EDT / 9:00 AM PDT

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Steve Adams - CEO Tiger Medical, Founder - International Business as Mission

Kim Walsh Phillips - Billion Dollar Launcher

Glenn Lundy - Host Of The #Riseandgrind Facebook Morning Show And Breakfast With Champions On Clubhouse

Tom Watkins - Physician, Owner - Watkins Family Medicine

Rich Heller - Founder/CEO - Rich in Relationship

Justin Dorroh - Partner/Founder - Leap Development

Craig Simpson - Founder/CEO, Simpson Direct

Ryan Vet - Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author. President of Third Hospitality

John Oren - CEO iOps, Inc., President - International Business as Mission

Andrew Frowine - Relationship Manager, Board Member, Performance Capital Group

Warren Jenkins - Founder, Board Member - Jenkins Restoration

Alex Marcus - Founder/CEO - ESI Total Fuel Management, Chairman - International Business as Mission

Kim Wilson - 
Co-Founder - Good King Cacao

Scott Whitaker - Founder of Membership Multipliers

Dag Blokkum
Executive Director

About International Business as Mission

iBAM or International Business as Mission focuses on equipping, funding, and empowering indigenous Christ-followers, with a vision for entrepreneurship and a passion to reach their local people with the Gospel. It’s as simple as that. We offer a hand up, not a handout.

The end outcome of iBAM is a local person, for example in Uzbekistan, starts a business. This person is a Muslim background believer who has likely lost their job because of their faith, they are looked at with disdain in their community, but a strange thing happens when they go into business…

The community that looked down on them, persecuted them, and in general wanted nothing to do with them suddenly respects them. Remarkably, this person is restored in their community and trusted, all because they set up a business!

Each student who goes through the iBAM process of training and funding, learns a biblically based method of disciple making as a lifestyle. Praying for persons of peace, making new friends, introducing spiritual statements, searching for those God is drawing to Himself.

As they practice these fundamentals of disciple-making, while growing relationships in the community as a respected businessperson, they begin to gain traction to the point a group is formed to study the Bible. These groups turn into house churches and the God’s Kingdom grows, one house church at a time.

This is the core mission of iBAM, to grow house churches through biblical entrepreneurship, in partnership with local pastors and missionaries.

Join us to discover secret to integrating business and faith!

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